ZYTO™ Scan Technology

Every cell in your body is networked together, sending and receiving information to coordinate the millions of functions it processes every day. As your body adjusts to changing conditions to stay healthy, it uses these communication pathways to direct available resources to maintain balance. Your body is so efficient that most of the time you never know these adjustments are happening. When your body encounters a larger health challenge, it may begin to show symptoms such as elevated body temperature, swelling, pain, tiredness, or a cough. Once you recognize a symptom, you can begin to assist the healing process. Things like getting more sleep, drinking more water, taking nutritional supplements, or taking medication under a medical professional’s supervision, can help your body deal with these challenges. Too often we ignore our health and wellness until we get so sick that symptoms appear. Wouldn’t you rather support your body’s day-to-day efforts to stay well? But how do you know which products and options to choose to support and maintain optimal wellness? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just ask your body?

ZYTO™ Scan Technology has been specifically designed to provide insight into personal health and wellness decisions. This innovative technology facilitates an interface between a computer and the human body. The resulting dynamic data exchange, known as a biosurvey, involves computer-generated signatures called “Virtual Items.” The ZYTO™ scan records the body’s galvanic skin response. This is a well-developed method of monitoring stress responses and is commonly used in applications like polygraph tests and biofeedback.

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